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“Optimization of the PHS-Process” on September 28th and 29th 2017

GRUNDIG AKADEMIE and Hotforming Academy, in cooperation with TELOS GLOBAL, are very pleased to announce NAFTA TRAINING CENTER FOR HOT STAMPING TECHNOLOGY - 6th PHS Suppliers Forum - “Optimization of the PHS-Process”, at TELOS Global, Caryville, TN, 37714 USA, on September 28th and 29th 2017.




When asked about the reasoning behind TELOS GLOBAL’s collaboration and cooperation with GRUNDIG AKADEMIE, Richard Teague, CEO, said, “Telos Global is very excited to be selected as the NAFTA PHS Training center in cooperation with the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE as this gives us unique exposure to those that are directly involved in the day to day operations, challenges and ideas surrounding PHS technology.” He went on to express, “the importance of addressing the high cost of capital equipment by showing a quicker ROI through more efficient equipment and processes that yield higher thru-put. The second to address the high cost of the manufacturing and maintenance PHS tooling and secondary production processes.”


We would like to invite you to participate in this two-day event (Thursday to Friday) and encourage you to explore topics including; Requests & Requirements, Blank Materials & Coatings, Trends & Development and more. All topics will be presented by industry leaders Luke Reini & Matt Enloe (GM), Richard Teague (TELOS GLOBAL), Jim Dykeman (Honda), and many more.

Take the opportunity to meet specialists in the field of "Simulating Warm and Hotforming Processes of Aluminium Alloys".

The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE prides itself in having a highly successful and OEM-accepted training and qualification program for hot forming as well as PHS. Timothy Schiller, Product Development, TOWER International said,

“The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE training we participated in was filled with the latest knowledge of the hot stamping process. Each session reviewed the theory behind the process, as well as practical examples and lab demonstrations that supported the information.” He concluded that it was, “very worthwhile training.”

The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE PHS-Trainings focus on a particular aspect of technology and provide comprehensive access to valuable and extensive knowledge on hot sheet metal forming. Previous training attendee, Paul J. Belanger, R&D Manager North America, GESTAMP had this to say about the Compact Training on Hot Stamping Technology,

“The content provided a great overview of the competence and depth of knowledge offered by the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE... The vital importance of detailed process control was clearly evident through all of the training programs and was very eye opening to many of the PHS suppliers.”

With the present growing concerns over carbon emissions, PHS offers an environmentally fiscal and efficient production value, while excelling in effectiveness and quality. Through the Hotforming Academy, GRUNDIG AKADEMIE has been able to bring its knowledge and expertise to an international market, as well as partner with other companies to further enrich the quality and reach of its trainings.

We look forward to seeing you in September for two days full of hands-on training, networking, and learning.

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“Metal Forming Technology Day” on May 12th, 2017

Thank you for joining us at the “Metal Forming Technology Day” at the Divan Hotel, Bursa, Turkey, on May 12th, 2017

Our partner Billur Metal Form organized in collaboration with GRUNDIG AKADEMIE the Metal Forming Technology Day where way over 100 participants got an overview about current and future innovations in the field of metal forming technology. During the day everyone got into networking and met the experts who all have comprehensive understanding and extensive knowledge in metal forming technology. The overall response to the event is:

"I think this agenda was very clear and good flow of topics. I saw many different and useful information. Thanks you for the invitation."

"Everything was almost excellent about organization. Thanks for your effort."

"I suggest to repeat this event annually."

"Actually it was better than my expectations."

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Review - NAFTA and the EUROPEAN Training Center

We would like to thank you for attending the NAFTA and the EUROPEAN Training Center, September 22nd - 23rd, Plymouth, MI, USA and Hanover, Germany, October 26th - 27th, 2016. Your presence helped to make these events a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit certainly made our time together both productive and fun.

We would also like to thank you for your comments and suggestions, we can assure you that each one will be given consideration and followed up so that future events and trainings will be even more of a success. We hope that you found the conferences informative and worthwhile.

The primary goal of these conferences was to bring together the total overview on PHS. We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and trainers provided in-depth insight, as well as actionable and practical training models, methods and mechanisms.

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General Motors Company – Gestamp – Schuler Presses – Ebner Furnace – voestalpine Polynorm – Böhler Edelstahl – Fraunhofer IWUFraunhofer IZFPUniversity of Graz, T&FTRUMPF Laser Systems – TWB Company / WISCO – Neue Materialien Bayreuth - AutoForm Engineering Zwick Roell Materials Testing MachinesGRUNDIG AKADEMIE

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