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ET-A - Process Parameter Setup

This module aims at the group of people who are responsible for the press hardening process. The right process parameters always depend on the specific product which needs to be produced. In order to be able to adapt these parameter it is necessary to have knowledge of how many parameter exist, how they influence the press hardening process and how they can be positively changed.

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ET-B - Process Monitoring & Product Quality Control

This module is a necessary training for the quality control department. In detail for the people who are responsible for quality control of press hardened parts. This module is strongly connected to the “Process Parameter Setup” on-site training. While the PPS training aims on the understanding of the process itself, this module give an essential overview of quality control methods for press hardened products after the process.

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ET-C - Operator Training

The Onsite Operator Training simplifies the possibility of fast start-up phase. The operator will learn to handle the press hardening process in daily business.

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ET-D - Hydroforming Expertise

The training offers a detailed view about the technical scope such as microstructural effects at different materials, principles of media based forming technologies and the related technological limits as well as the appropriate manufacturing equipment and testing methodology will be given in theory and practice.

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