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6th PHS Suppliers Forum - “Optimization of the PHS-Process”, at TELOS Global

Thank you for attending the NAFTA TRAINING CENTER FOR HOT STAMPING TECHNOLOGY - 6th PHS Suppliers Forum - “Optimization of the PHS-Process”, at TELOS Global, Caryville, TN, this year. We were deeply inspired by your enthusiastic participation. With the support of specialists from the fields of PHS, 18 high-class presentations and 12 hands-on trainings, we all received a comprehensive overview and many initials how to optimize the PHS-process.

We are continuously working to set the standard in further education, to include the newest technology and in doing so, retain the innovative ability of our partners. Your feedback is already helping us shape and develop more efficient trainings. More specifically, your attendance in the available hands-on trainings allowed us to gauge interest for some of today’s most important topics. Thank you.

See you next year…

Thank You for Attending the NAFTA and EUROPEAN Training Center

Your presence helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit certainly made our time together both productive and fun. We would also like to thank you for your comments and suggestions, we can assure you that each one will be given consideration and followed up so that future events and trainings will be even more of a success. We hope that you found the conference informative and worthwhile. The primary goal of this conference was to bring together the total overview on PHS. We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and trainers provided in-depth insight, as well as actionable and practical training models, methods and mechanisms.

See you next year…






Do You Really Need to Account for Phase Changes During Warm & Hot Forming of Aluminum?

Collaborations with influential customers dealing with a widespread variety of aluminum alloys and processes have given us a good understanding of the involved challenges which we want to share in this blog post. We frequently experience an uncertainty in the forming community understanding the capabilities of forming simulation software with respect to aluminum alloys.

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New production facilities are being continually developed and built. Process efficiency improvement and the reduction of investment costs are therefore extremely important. A vital role within this context is played by the heating technology presently in place.

Development of a Close-to-production Prototype of an Induction Heating Device for Hot Stamping of Boron Alloyed Steels

The institute of Tools and Forming, Austria, introduced a new heating concept based on induction heating, with this heating device, Aluminium-Silicon coated sheets can be heated within 100 sec.The following paper describes the development of a close to-production induction heating device.

Phase Formation of Al/Si-Coatings during Induction Heating of Boron Alloyed Steel Sheets

The next paper describes a commonplace research project and is written in German. In einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt des Instituts für Werkzeugtechnik und spanlose Produktion (T&F) der TU Graz mit der ThyssenKrupp Steel AG wurden verschiedene, alternative Technologien für die Erwärmung der Stahlplatinen untersucht. In diesem Beitrag werden die verschiedenen Verfahren einander gegenübergestellt.

Alternative Erwärmungstechnologien für die temperierte Blechumformung

This paper gives an overview on the most recent developments in the field of hot Stamping, from the beginning of the heating process to tool technologies. Special attention is paid to alternative sheet materials which lead to specialized part properties, giving hot stamping new fields of application in the car body.

Current and Future Trends in the field of Hot Stamping of Car Body Parts


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An intelligent press hardening line has been put into operation at the Fraunhofer Institute for Tools and Forming Technology IWU. With this specialized process chain, developed at the Institute, the controlled press hardening process within the meaning of Industry 4.0 is for the first time a reality based near-production component. The heart of the system is the networking process control over the entire process chain; this process control not only shortens the cycle times. By combining conditioning monitoring of the process parameters and comparing the data with previously defined specifications within the new developed software, it is possible to respond to process variations within a shorter time period and as a result avoid waste material. In addition to this new process chain, the Fraunhofer researchers are currently testing an innovative heating principle for PHS as well as more energy-efficient alternatives to the traditional trimming methods.


Production Process of a B-Pillar

Importance of Process Monitoring in PHS