Hot Forming Technologies Qualification Program

Current requirements, for example, on the one hand, energy efficiency that decreases fuel consumption and on the other, crash performance, are both essential in automotive lightweight construction. The trend in the use of ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) leads to Press Hardening Steels (PHS) Technologies. The percentage of hot-formed parts is rapidly increasing as more and more production lines are put into operation worldwide. Typical components for hot forming or PHS are A- and B-pillars, beams and panels.

In 2015, the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE is extending its highly successful and OEM-accepted training and qualification program for hot forming as well as PHS. The aims of our curricula are to train and qualify the participant specific to his high level needs, to structure his workflow and increase the quality and quantity efficiency that the company benefits from. We are here, to support and strengthen your competitive advantage and provide you with what your competitors don't have.

In addition to our existing training modules in materials, heating methods, forming, process-know-how, tooling and measurement as well testing technologies, our new specialized partners will provide an expansion of contents and in-depth courses.

Our qualification program “Training Scout for Hot Forming Technology” includes the following framework:

The PHS basics will be trained in our Foundation Training (FT) Heat Treatment & Hot Forming of Steel. With the Advanced Trainings (AD) participants can deepen and extend their knowledge of the FT. All Executive Trainings (ET) can take place on-site at the plant of the customer. Additional to these comprehensive trainings, we offer a wide range of suitable Additional Trainings (ADT) referring to this technology in complex metal forming, press hardening and hot stamping. In addition to our successful courses in Simulation and Laser Applications, we invited decision makers from key players in the field of PHS, to assist us in developing a soft skills program for PHS specialists that would meet the needs for further training in management and leadership skills. These trainings are specifically relevant to job descriptions within the fields of PHS and provide a range of excellent skills to address the daily challenges in their jobs.

All our trainers have comprehensive know how and the training facilities are specifically equipped to simulate real live work experience in PHS.


Training Scout for Hot Forming Technology

Foundation Training Advanced Trainings Executive Trainings


Foundation Training

The range of this training is going from the state of the art press hardening process, to solution based problem solving approaches and finishes with new innovative ideas in the hot forming sector.

Advanced Trainings

These trainings combine theoretical explanations of the respective core area with experimental internship in laboratory and final analytical examination of generated press hardened parts.

Onsite Executive Trainings

These trainings consists of concentrated and specific knowledge transfer in the form of seminar lectures and discussions including joint field visits in the relevant fields (including the production, materials laboratory, receiving stock, finished goods, etc.) 

Additional Trainings

The additional trainings offer a wide range of suitable add on courses referring to the technology in complex metal forming, press hardening and hot stamping.