About our Hot Forming Technology Qualification Program

The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE is extending its highly successful and OEM-accepted training and qualification program for hot forming as well as PHS. The aims of our curricula are to train and qualify the participant specific to his high level needs, to structure his workflow and increase the quality and quantity efficiency that the company benefits from.

Our particular attention is paid to


Throughout the entire market entry each customer is supported with an individual curriculum and assisted in optimizing the current running processes.

Individual Training Curriculum

Each curriculum in addition to the training period for the trainee is specific to each individual job description, job experience and the requested skills.

Practical Exercises

All training measures pay particular attention to focusing on integrating the participants interactively with practical exercises.

Real Live Work Simulation

The hands on contents are transferred at the furnace, press, specified measuring devices or at the simulation computer into deep expert know how.

Optimal Transformation

Limited sized groups are responsible for optimal transformation of the contents.

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Voestalpine has been in the PHS-business for a very long time.The company counts many years of serial production experience with phs-ultraform® with worldwide success in indirect hot forming.

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During the second series of highly interactive sessions Gestamp and VOLVO employees’ had an opportunity to discuss...


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The qualification on Press Hardening is worldwide accredited and focused on the needs of each individual company and participant. More than 260 individuals have been qualified during the last five years. Please feel free to discover who we have successfully trained during the last few years.


Hot Forming Technologies Qualification Program

The PHS basics will be trained in our Foundation Training (FT) Heat Treatment & Hot Forming of Steel. With the Advanced Trainings (AD) participants can deepen and extend their knowledge of the FT. All Executive Trainings (ET) can take place on-site at the plant of the customer. Additional to these comprehensive trainings, we offer a wide range of suitable Additional Trainings (ADT) referring to this technology in complex metal forming, press hardening and hot stamping. In addition to our successful courses in Simulation and Laser Applications, we invited decision makers from key players in the field of PHS, to assist us in developing a soft skills program for PHS specialists that would meet the needs for further training in management and leadership skills. These trainings are specifically relevant to job descriptions within the fields of PHS and provide a range of excellent skills to address the daily challenges in their jobs.

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Follow us to the Plymouth Gallery

Follow us to the Hannover Gallery

 We would like to thank you for attending the NAFTA and the EUROPEAN Training Center, September 22nd - 23rd, Plymouth, MI, USA and Hanover, Germany, October 26th - 27th, 2016. Your presence helped to make these events a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit certainly made our time together both productive and fun.

We would also like to thank you for your comments and suggestions, we can assure you that each one will be given consideration and followed up so that future events and trainings will be even more of a success. We hope that you found the conferences informative and worthwhile.

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Production Process of a B-Pillar

Importance of Process Monitoring in PHS

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